Our terms and conditions are designed to ensure the health and well-being of cats in our care.

Delivery of your cat into our care signifies your agreement to these terms and conditions.


All cats will be examined on arrival and are accepted into our care on the understanding that they are in good health. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any cat appearing unwell or thought to be suffering from an infectious disease.

If any cat has an existing medical condition, any medication or special dietary needs, this must be declared and we will decide if we are able to accept your pet.

All cats must be inoculated against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu. We cannot accept a cat without an up-to-date vaccination certificate. Vaccines must be given at least one week prior to boarding.

All flea and worming treatments must be up-to-date. For the wellbeing of our cats we reserve the rights to administer flea treatment, at a cost, should any cat require it.

We are unable to accept male cats over seven months of age who have not been neutered.

Please inform us of any behaviours we may see from your cat which could be mistaken for an illness.

All cats must be registered with a vet. In the event of your cat becoming unwell we will contact you or your representative and then try to consult your cat’s vet.  If we are unable to consult with your vet we reserve the right to use our Veterinary Surgery, Pet Doctors, in Seaford. For out of hours veterinary treatment our nearest hospital for emergencies is Vet Call Brighton Clinic, Montague Place, Brighton. Treatment and medication will be carried out if deemed necessary by a veterinary surgeon. Our main concern is that your cat is healthy, happy and content whilst in our care. You will be obliged to settle ALL veterinary fees and charges incurred direct with the Veterinary Surgery that has treated your cat on the day of your cat’s departure.


We feed all cats twice a day, however additional meals may be arranged by agreement.

Personal Possessions

You are welcome to bring in personal possessions, for example, bedding or toys, however we ask that these are clean and we reserve the right to wash these items during your cat’s stay. We cannot accept dishes.

We are unable to store you cat’s carrier.

Collection and Delivery Service

We are happy to provide this service and offer it free within a 5 mile radius from Catmando. Collections and deliveries outside this area will be charged £1 per additional mile.

Booking & Fees

A deposit of £25.00 is required at the time of booking. Deposits are non-refundable and will be deducted from your bill.

Boarding fees will be stated at the time of booking.

Fees are charged daily and include the date of arrival and departure. Payment must be made by cash, or bank transfer on the date of arrival. If cats are brought in late or collected early fees will still be charged for a full day’s boarding.

There is a minimum fee equivalent to three day’s boarding, with the exception of Christmas, New Year’s Day and Bank Holidays, when a surcharge will apply.

Unauthorised overstays will be charged at twice the daily rate.


In the event of a cancellation the full charge will be due if less than 14 day’s notice is given prior to the start of stay.


Any cat left uncollected within 7 days of the date due to leave the cattery, without communication from the owner or their representative, will be considered abandoned and we reserve the right to hand your cat over to an animal re-homing establishment.